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The compact design of our 5-Axis models offers increased access, allowing a part to be machined from all directions. Sizes range from 2” to 10”, multiple parts can be made with just an easy swap of the top to an already dialed in base.

Our modular Universal fixtures offer consistent locating allowing for quick, repeatable change-outs, reducing set up/machine time and scrap. These fixtures can be used individually or in multiples by utilizing different configurations such as side by side or in a string for larger jobs.

Our Tombstone configurations are the perfect solution for your horizontal or cell system. The 24”, 4-Sided Tombstone utilizes our 24” Universal fixture, which can be set up with one per side, four total, or two per side, eight total.

Our coated carbide dovetail cutter was thoughtfully designed to go hand-in-hand with the entire Techni-Grip product line. The cutter features 7 flutes, providing greater wear resistance with easy prep and less waste. The body and inserts were made exclusively for Techni-Grip and intended for use with hard material workpieces.

In order to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our customers, Techni-grip offers custom fixturing solutions that are catered to your specific application.

Our custom solutions experts can solve your individual workholding challenges.



These models are all fully functional and offer the same innovative workholding capabilities of all Techni-Grip products. The damages are small cosmetic dents or scratches.

Techni-Grip fifth axis workholding

…Simplified my job by reducing obstacles in tool paths . . . ability to be much more aggressive about cutting — parts won’t come loose . . . tooling design requirements reduced by 80% . . . wish I had it 10 years ago.

~Doug St. John

JWD Machine

Techni-Grip  Milling workholding for aerospace

“While providing outstanding part access, the Techni-Grip vises are very rigid and allow high metal removal rates without the typical ‘pull-out’ problems of more conventional vise designs. This is very helpful to us when demonstrating the maximum capabilities of our machine tools.”

Alan Hollatz

Proposal Engineer, Makino Inc.

Techni-Grip  Milling workholding for aerospace

...The Techni-Grip tombstone is a terrific tool to maximize cellular machining capabilities while reducing the number of pallets required.

Brian Cox

Ellison Machinery

Techni-Grip  5th axis dovetail

The tool life is incomparable to every other dovetail cutter I have tried. I no longer have to lose machine run time by changing out dovetail inserts on my old cutters. I would highly recommend this cutter to anyone who wants a cleaner and faster cut without any of the hassle.

Bryon Mowry

Mowry Machine Works

Techni-Grip  5 axis workholding

Accessory parts can be purchased individually (except the dovetail clamps) or together as a part of our Dovetail Clamp Assembly. This is available in 2″, 3″, 6″ and 7″ sizes.

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