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Techni-Grip Product Videos

Our video library illustrates the versatility of our products and the techniques used to handle a variety of part-making applications. 

Featured Video

Learn how Techni-Grip Workholding's round top fixtures, with dovetail and locating pins, are a great option for quick and repeatable 5-axis machining.

 * Note repeatability was within 3 thousands of an inch, not 3 tenths as the video states

Product Overview

50% reduction in setup time, plus all the benefits our products offer.

Material Stress Test

A demonstration on how to overcome warping and how Techni-Grip products can be stress tested.

General Product Prep

How to prep Techni-Grip’s products for use.

Single Operation

How to use a Techni-Grip fixture to manufacture a part in a single operation.

Multi-Directional Prep

How to prep a piece of material so it can be machined in two different directions. 

Large Part Manufacturing

How Techni-Grip’s fixtures hold a large piece of material.

How to start saving time and costs on your first product run.

“Nobody else makes a product quite like this.  The products work great.  I’ve used them in 3,4, & 5 Axis applications.  The videos on the Techni-Grip website are really helpful and anyone trying these out for the first time really should watch them all.”

Jeremie Groshong 

Techni-Grip  Workholding for aerospace USA


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Techni-Grip offers various fixtures for use in different applications and multi-axis operations so our customers can solve their workholding challenges and meet tight tolerance requirements. Our workholding systems enable progressive manufacturing companies in aerospace, automotive, medical and marine industries to streamline their operating strategies.


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