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Techni-Grip Product Videos

Our video library illustrates the versatility of our products and the techniques used to handle a variety of part-making applications. 

Featured Video

Learn how Techni-Grip Workholding's round top fixtures, with dovetail and locating pins, are a great option for quick and repeatable 5-axis machining.

 * Note repeatability was within 3 thousands of an inch, not 3 tenths as the video states

Product Overview

50% reduction in setup time, plus all the benefits our products offer.

Material Stress Test

A demonstration on how to overcome warping and how Techni-Grip products can be stress tested.

General Product Prep

How to prep Techni-Grip’s products for use.

Single Operation

How to use a Techni-Grip fixture to manufacture a part in a single operation.

Multi-Directional Prep

How to prep a piece of material so it can be machined in two different directions. 

Large Part Manufacturing

How Techni-Grip’s fixtures hold a large piece of material.

How to start saving time and costs on your first product run.

“Nobody else makes a product quite like this.  The products work great.  I’ve used them in 3,4, & 5 Axis applications.  The videos on the Techni-Grip website are really helpful and anyone trying these out for the first time really should watch them all.”

Jeremie Groshong 

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