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Techni-Grip 5 Axis Workholdings

The Original Dovetail Workholding Solution

Improve productivity & workflow with our durable, high performance products.

Optimize Your Machining With Our Workholding Design Features.

Dovetail Cut 

Expectational Gripping Strength.  Minimal Clamping Pressure. 

Locating Pins

Consistent, Positive Location on Parts.  Reduced Set Up Time.

Workholding Design Features Techni-Grip

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Universal Fixtures

Workholding fixtures usa Techni-Grip

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Techni-Grip scratch and dent

Scratch & Dent

Techni-Grip custom fixtures

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Techni-Grip  Workholding for aerospace

Reduce Your Manufacturing Costs.

Data Driven Results. 

“Its genius is in its simplicity – it requires remarkably few parts to achieve very rigid clamping. Its small footprint, simple design, and low-profile clamping means it can be adapted to an endless combination of machine configurations and fixturing setups.”

Ted Winkle

Tech Center Coordinator, Okuma America Corp

Reduced tool path interference

Work piece is up off the table to allow machining from multiple sides in a single operation.  

Increased ROI on projects

Less ops, programming, set up, material, time, and scrap.


Work piece is up off the table to allow machining from multiple sides in a single operation.  

Greater holding force with minimal amount of material

Reduces excess material and scrap needed.  Minimizes clamping force and dimensional distortion on the work piece.

Precise repeatability & relocation

Accurate location of the part every time.  No need to index the part on every setup.

Standardized prep

Simplifies engineering and programming.

Techni-Grip Made in the usa milling fixtures
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