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“We have used the Techni-Grip vises in both four-axis and five-axis processes where we are able to finish the part complete in one operation leaving the dovetail section held on by locally thinned tab areas. The tabs are then removed manually and the area is hand blended.

While providing outstanding part access, the Techni-Grip vises are very rigid and allow high metal removal rates without the typical ‘pull-out’ problems of more conventional vise designs. This is very helpful to us when demonstrating the maximum capabilities of our machine tools.”

—Alan Hollatz
Proposal Engineer, Makino Aerospace Group
Makino, Inc.

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“…The Techni-Grip tombstone is a terrific tool to maximize cellular machining capabilities while reducing the number of pallets required.”


—Brian Cox
Applications Engineer
Ellison Machinery

“…Simplified my job by reducing obstacles in tool paths . . . ability to be much more aggressive about cutting — parts won’t come loose . . . tooling design requirements reduced by 80% . . . wish I had it 10 years ago.”

—Doug St . John
JWD Machine



“After realizing the substantial savings in tooling costs attributable to our Techni-Grip 4th axis assembly, I decided to incorporate both of their TombStone configurations in our horizontal cells.”

—Todd Reitan
Vice President
Axxis Manufacturing