Benefits of Techni-Grip


Time Reduction

  • Eliminates changing jaws
  • Eliminates parallels and spreaders
  • Eliminates milling step jaws and dovetail jaws
  • Eliminates constructing work stops or programmable stops
  • Eliminates maintenance, cleaning and organizing of common shop aids
  • Increases stock removal capabilities
  • Multiple parts can be set up on a single unit

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  • All stock is prepped using the same method
  • All jobs are set up the same
  • All parts are held the same

Cost Reduction

  • Stock can be prepped offline through unskilled labor
  • Eliminates the need to buy and repair expensive vises
  • Minimal training is required to load and unload parts
  • Eliminates tool and machine damage due to parts coming loose in a cut
  • Only .125″ excess (max) stock is required to hold parts


  • Work shifts and ‘Z’ shifts never change
  • Extensive documentation is eliminated

Scrap Reduction

  • Eliminates dimensional distortion in parts caused by vise pressure while running
  • No air under parts
  • Eliminates scrap generated by parts coming loose while running
  • Allows precise relocation of parts should rework be required or if removed prematurely