History of Techni-Grip

The Techni-Grip Work Holding System was borne directly from our manufacturing company's efforts to solve a number of work-holding challenges that all CNC mill work creates.

We wanted to solve the challenges of:

  • part stability and security when in the cut;
  • dimensional repeatability;
  • reducing raw material requirements for work-holding purposes;
  • improving work-piece accessibility;
  • standardizing work-holding thereby greatly reducing dedicated tooling and fixture
  • providing the ability to run large or multiple workpieces on the same fixture;
  • eliminating the need for soft jaws in as many cases as possible;
  • the ability to swap fixtures from machine to machine without complications;
  • reduce the amount of torque required to secure workpieces thereby reducing the
    preloaded stress in the raw material/workpiece when in the cut.

We succeeded at solving these work-holding challenges with the Techni-Grip system and after utilizing our homegrown fixture design for over a year’s time we began receiving requests from other manufacturers to build them one.

These requests grew and in 2000, we applied for a patent on the Techni-Grip design. We began marketing our work-holding solution to pass along the cost savings we were realizing in our company to our customers as well.